Yogita Warde - An Author with Impeccable Thoughts and Vision

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The growing modern world is making people do whatever they want. The value of writing has been given top priority in educating people. Yogita Warde, a well-known author, and tremendous human being is gaining much fame due to her writing skills. A woman who encourages people to do better in their lives. She believes in the power of words. Destiny has already decided to award her with a successful writing career. Since her childhood, she got deeply fascinated by writers and authors. The author is from Madhya Pradesh, also known as the heart of India. A simple girl with a big dream from Shujalpur, a village in Madhya Pradesh. Now, the author is known globally for her achievements.  One of her masterpieces Saahi & Sudheer highlights the love story of two different people. It is a beautiful love story between an artist and a writer.

After reading this book, people would get a broader aspect and knowledge about how friendship can turn into a deep love story. Like all writers look for the ultimate reward, the reward of appreciation from the readers. Yogita Warde got motivated by the praises and appreciation of the readers of her first book. Then she decided to write more books to entertain, educate and help people know the better reality of life. Yogita was always interested to help the women suffering in the patriarchal society. With her second book “Diya”, Yogita decided to aware society of various difficulties and obstacles faced by women due to inequality and myths. The postcard is another beautiful work by a renowned author. Postcard throws light on the real sufferings and struggles of people daily. The postcard is one of the best works of author Yogita Warde. In her book, she tried to give a message to readers that “You will succeed when you decide to not give up”.

With her last and fourth book “Cooker ki Seeti”, Yogita Warde brought an engrossing and enticing drama series for youngsters and people of all ages. The book contains 6 different types of dramas, and each gives a unique message to the readers. Yogita Warde is one of her kind. She was awarded and honored with some reputable awards. She was honoured with “LitFest 2020 Author of the year”. Not only praises and lauding, but the author also received the “Tagore commemorative honouree Award 2021” for her masterpiece “Diya”. She has also received ‘Global Leadership Excellence Award 2022’ by Aesthetics International and IHIW- ‘Woman Author of The Year – 2022’ by MTTV together with Global Women Inspiration Award; conclave 2022 and Ukiyoto Lit Awards & Women Writer of the Year for her book “कुकर की सीटी”. And very recently she was honoured with the Asian Literary Award 2022 (5th Global Leadership Summit) by Aesthetics international. Yogita Warde is a brilliant author and woman. A woman who wants to remove the barriers coming between all her dreams. At such a young age, Yogita Warde is paving her way toward success.

Yogita Warde is blessed with family members and friends who support her in every situation. With her plucky attitude, she is willing to fight out any challenges that stop her from reaching her goals. Now, Yogita Warde is the real inspiration for every woman looking for an independent future. Words are the most powerful weapon in this world and Yogita is the wordsmith in the writing world.

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